luxury house

Loyal Customer Card

Luxury House offers you the benefits of a regular customer. You will receive as a gift a discount card, confirming the status of a loyal customer. The discount card gives you 5% to 20% discount from the total purchase price.

In case of a one-time purchase for the amounts indicated below, you will receive a discount card on the following values.

1 000 000 - 5%

2 000 000 - 7%

3 000 000 - 10%

The cost of each next purchase is accumulated on the card.

When accumulating the amount of purchases during the year from the moment of the first purchase, you will receive a discount card on the following values.

2 000 000 - 5%

3 000 000 - 7%

5 000 000 - 10%

7 000 000 - 15%

15 000 000 - 20%

1. This card is not valid during all kind of sales in Luxury House Astana. If the seasonal discount exceeds the discount on the loyalty card, then the seasonal discount is taken into account. If the discount on the loyalty card is more than seasonal, then the most favorable price for the buyer is also considered.

2. When returning the goods their price is subtracted from the accumulated balance of the discount card.

3. The discount does not apply to antiques.

4. The validity period of discount cards is not limited.