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Oscar de la Renta

The history of the brand begins in 1932. Its founder comes from the Dominican Republic. After graduating from the University of San Domingo, Oscar De La Renta moves to Spain. There he begins to study painting at the Spanish Academy of Saint Fernando. Soon he begins to draw sketches. Once a good friend of Oscar, who was the daughter of an American ambassador, asked the fashion designer to sew a dress for her. In 1960, a girl in this legendary dress appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine. This made him popular. After that, the designer was offered to work as an assistant in Madrid fashion house of Balenciaga. In 1961, the designer moved to Paris, where he worked as an assistant of Spanish designer Antonio Castillo at Linvin fashion house. Also at the same time he is getting hired for Christian Dior. However, Oscar dreamed about his personal brand.

In 1965, Oscar De La Renta opened his first store. In 2000, Oscar was recognized as the best designer of clothes for women.