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Kenzo Kids

Fashion house KENZO was opened by the Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, who in a short time managed to become an idol of fashion and a creator of a unique recognizable style. The combination of western fashion tradition with oriental ideas about the absolute nature and value of simple things makes the collections of KENZO multifaceted and deep. The style of the KENZO collection is a free and clean cut, a mixture of ethnic and classical motifs, and as always an experiment and a whirlwind of exotic paints. This is an amazing finish of clothing with Venetian lace, patterned cloth, silk, mesh and wool, which are shaded with small pieces of inlays, jacquard cloth and ornament.
The children's collection inherits in many respects the style and decorative elements inherent in adult collections of the house, adapted especially for little connoisseurs. Clean, joyful colors, exquisite riches of decoration, bold sports elements, unusual fabrics, a subtle touch of oriental exotics, traditional for the general style of the fashion house - this is the eternal festival of the summer from KENZO.