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The style of the typical business "milanese" is called the style of the famous Italian brand TOMBOLINI - comfortably respectable and dynamic. The company Tombolini was founded in 1964 by the Italian tailor Eugenio Tombolini.

Tombolini manages to create elegant, but at the same time fresh, always relevant and giving a sense of success images. They fit perfectly into the life of a man, wherever he is - at a business meeting in Milan or at a dinner with partners in Moscow, at the airport in Sydney or at one of Manhattan's trendy restaurants.

50 years ago, in love with the tailor's art, Eugenio Tombolini founded the company in his hometown of Urbisalla, which is in the region on the east coast of Italy. Today his business is continued by his daughter - Fiorella Tombolini.

And as a half century ago, today every new Tombolini collection is not only a modern reading of the classics, but a respectful and irreproachably executed bow to the legendary traditions of "Made in Italy". Traditions that can not be imagined without style and quality, without genuine passion and innate taste.