luxury house


In 2007, the founder of the brand - the famous perfumer Pierre Mancera opened his only exclusive boutique in Paris, on the street known for its luxury shops - Plaza Vendome. Being one of the most famous perfumers of our time, he creates fragrances under his own name for the first time. "For me it's like a confession, fragrances, like the sounds of my soul and heartbeat. These bottles contain all my art, all my many years of experience, this is my revelation. " Pierre Mancera
For Pierre Mancera, fragrances are like diary pages, keepers of thoughts, feelings, impressions. The stories of wanderings, love, dreams, desires are collected in skilful compositions from the most unusual, rare and precious components. "The best and rare components are usually the most fragile, they are especially exposed to light. However, I did not want to pour my scents again into metal cans. Thanks to high technologies, I managed to combine my precious absolutes with a classic transparent bottle. " Pierre Mancera
The glass bottle, which is a synthesis of modernity and neoclassicism, was specially designed by French cosmetic agency CNES, keeping the wishes of Pierre Mancera. The glass used to make these bottles is the same as that of the spacecraft's portholes - it does not let heat and light rays, which are the main enemies of rare essences. The Mancera collection consists of 29 flavors revolving around two themes inspired by different corners of the globe.